Emotional Support Animals

Support for  Grief and Anxiety

Emotional Support Animals have helped many people cope with the pain of acute grief. It has been remarkable how animals give comfort and love to those who have lost loved ones. These animals also provide soothing for those who struggle with acute anxiety. They are truly therapeutic.

Support for Mental Health Issues

 Emotional Support Animals provide comfort to individuals struggling with disabilities such as severe anxiety or depression. Often these people suffer so greatly from their mental health issues they are not able to function to capacity.  Research has suggested that emotional support animals provide comfort, support, and companionship to sooth individuals with psychiatric or behavioral health issues.

Emotional Support Animal Prescription

Usually, Emotional Support Animals need to be prescribed by a mental health professional so they can be with their owners in places where animals are not permitted. These can include some types of homes including, Rented Apartments, or even dwellings such as Condos or Townhouses that are owned by person in need.

Emotional Support Animal for Travel

Additionally, if you need your emotional support animal to travel on an airplane or other mode of transport you also need an evaluation and letter from a mental health professional. Karen Chambre does provide assessments and when appropriate writes letters for people so they can have the comfort of their emotional support animal at home or when traveling. 

Muffins Halo for Blind Dogs

If your emotional support dog is blind there is an incredible product so that dogs can be comfortable and stop bumping into things that may hurt them. I was lucky enough to have met the woman who invented this incredible aid for blind dogs. It has truly been a work and product of love. You can continue to be soothed by your emotional support animal knowing that they are not going to get hurt. 

Gets Yours On Amazon

Muffin's Halo Guide for Blind Dogs - White Angel Wings

Other Supplies For Your Emotional Support  Animal


  1. For Clients who have been in therapy with Ms. Chambre there is no charge for a letter for an emotional support animal if appropriate.
  2. There is a fee for clients who are seeking an Emotional Support Animal Evaluation and letter


 Disability Rights California has prepared a comprehensive guide to the laws, rights and responsibilities pertaining to both Service Animals and Emotional Service Animals. You can find their information by using the following link.

All Products Angel Appointment Software Associates http://www.disabilityrightsca.org/pubs/548301.pdf