Eating Disorders

Help I have an Eating Disorder!

 Evaluating and treating eating disorders, weight, and body image issues, I use a psychological, biological and social method. It is so important to consider many variables in treating these complex issues.

Karen Chambre Approach

The treatment approach I use with eating disorders is mindful interpersonal neurobiology  Which involves providing a safe non judgemental environment, in which client's can become aware of insight as to reasons for their issues with food. They begin to notice when or why their issue comes into play and begin to explore other ways of self-soothing. 

Team Approach

In evaluating eating disorders since I see it as a biological, psychological, and social issues, I often work with endocrinologists,internest, nutritionists, gastrointerologists, psychiatrists and family practice physicians.  It is important to evaluatate any medical or psychiatric problems that may be contributing to the eating issue.

Eating Disorder Website

Due to the complex nature of the issue I have devoted a specific website to discuss many aspects of eating disorders, eating issues, body image and weight. You are invited to go to the website to find out more about eating disorders and find out about my specialty in this area.

Eating Disorders Advisors

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