Couples Therapy
Moving from Conflict to Emotional Intimacy 

Are you and your partner going through a difficult time in your relationship? Does one partner suggest couple therapy,  but the other fears the experience will be difficult and unproductive?

Relationships by nature are complicated.Most couples do not want to believe they will be abandoned by the other, On the other hand, partners do not wish to experience the loss of their individuality.

In my work with couples over the years, I have found a therapeutic style which allows couples to be open with each other.

The therapy gets away from blame judgement and criticism. Feeling comfortable during the therapeutic process is conducive to being most helpful.  

 I have watched couples turn their conflicts into emotional intimacy.

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Comfortable Couples Therapy is Inappropriate
When Couples or Families are in aDangerous Situation

  1. Domestic Violence
  2. Severe Substance Abuse
  3. Child Abuse
  4. Uncontrolled Severe Mental Illness