Child - Adolescent-Therapy

The Begining

Child-adolescent-therapy can help the child feel more at peace.No parent has a baby with the intention of providing a difficult environment for their child. Unfortunately because of parental issues, children's temperament and family dynamic growing up without psychological issues is nearly impossible is nearly impossible. .

Some childhood or adolescent problems begin through the process of  development. From birth,  biological predispositions, gifts and challenges are present. Babies brains change at an rapid pace sensing. By the end of the first year of life a baby has grown to be a toddle exploring the wonders of the world and environment with very little judgement or impulse control. This can be exhausting for parents.Child-Adolescent-Therapy can help.

Attachment  to  parents is primary need of children that effects them throughout their lives. Early childhood development is a wonder. So quickly we watch our children go from a helpless infant and  develop abilities to sooth themselves and interact with the external world

Expertise in Developmental Psychology 

During the last forty years I have both enjoyed a developmental education and have had the opportunity to work with children adolescents and their parents. I offer Child -Adolescent-therapy and work with parents to help them through their child's gifts challenges and developmental stages. As parents we can get triggered by our children and that can create stress in child rearing.  

Play Therapy

Young children communicate and release their thoughts and feelings differently than adults. Children often play out their problems either using their own creations or just by playing a simple game. A therapist can learn from the way in which the child plays the game.


Treatment for children and adolescents can involve a whole team of people. I participate in a varieties of interventions given the needs of the child and the parents permission. Some of these treatment methods include:

  1. Talk Therapy- Children and especially adolescents often prefer to talk with someone outside of their family or social circle. They want to be understood and feel safe not to be judged. My job is to help them to express feelings and understand reasons for behavior.
  2. Play Therapy
  3. Family Therapy- Families can be complicated. Each member has his/her needs temperament and usually fulfills a role in the family. Sometimes one child is brought to therapy and in the literature is called the identified patient. The child or adolescent that is the identified patient is often acting out problems in the dynamic of the entire family.
  4. Divorced or Blended Families- Often children need to come to sessions with each set of parents separately.
  5. School Problems- In providing aid to the parents and advocacy for the child I provide a wide range of services. These include school observations, attending and providing input for Individual Educational Plan Meetings. Communicating with teacher, counselor and any other member of the school to help benefit the child.
  6.  Helping parents find the best school placement that fits the learning style, needs and behaviors the child exhibits.
  7. Home Visits

Adolescents and Eating Disorders

Karen Chambre is an expert in working with teens and adults with eating disorders. Check out her Eating Disorder Website for more information.