Are You a Writer, Actor, Behind the Scenes or work in Post Production? Careers in the entertainment industry can be a rollercoster. Some do seemingly well while others struggle.

Break-into-Hollywood   Psychotherapy Can Help !

Work to explore both internal and external blocks to your success! Learn to deal with feelings of loss of spirt! Find Alternative methods to get out there!

Depth of Character

Break-into-Hollywood can enrich an artist work.Writers and Actors who pursue their own therapy learn about their rich internal world. As one develops their characters in screen plays, the depth of personality and back story becomes relatable to the audiance on a concious and unconcious level. The more relatable and growth a character exhibits, the greater the audiance feels inspired.

Studies have shown the connection of a the depth of a character and and audiance identification. This creates not just a story but a legend!This Program can be done individually or in group. Indicate if you would prefer group or individual program.