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Below are Some of my Favorite and Most Useful Books

Boundaries are so important in being close to people and being true to oneself . The book below Boundaries by Henry Cloud is the best selling book on the topic on Amazon. There is also a workbook that can be helpful puting boundaries into practice. 

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Berne  Brown

 Hot off the Press

 Braving the Wilderness:The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone was publish September 12,2017. Already on Amazon's 100 best sellers list. This post written one day after Amazon had it.   

Berne Brown knows about her struggles and is able to convey her self-knowledge into word which are extremely relatable. Her work hit deep in the soul of many. She hits with issues we have that we do not realize we have. Imperfection, Vulnerability and now TRUE BELONG. In this book Brene Brown write about her experiences about a core human need. The need to belong. There is no way to do justice to Brene Brown. I thought the best way was to include a video of  Ms Brown discussing her new book on CBS This Morning Recorded on 09/12/2017.n12 

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Customer reviews already show it is an important book. At this early date the second best seller in self-help books. I have read the first chapter and am already hooked. Readers describe Bene Browns's Book as life- transforming, enlightening, as well as  a prescription for being alive in today's world. I can not wait to read the rest.

One of my favorite authors is Brene Brown. She is a shame,vulnerability and empathy researcher. I have found her books to be helpful for those people who feel they need to perform every task perfectly. Especially for people who beat themselves up if a mistake is made. Brene Brown helps us to remember that we are human. We will never be perfect and we learn from our imperfections. She has written three books which are inspiring. The first book she wrote is The Gift of Imperfection. It is so inspiring to take risks just to be genuinely yourself. 

Daring Greatly is both on the New York Times Best Seller List as well as a Best Seller on Amazon. In this book brown shares her own experiences allowing herself to become vulnerable. A crucial point is that she discusses the courage it takes in oneself to become open about mistakes, fears, and insecurities. Her writing is very engaging and her readers have called this book life changing.This is a Book Ms. Brown has written from her soul and invited others to see life thorough her eyes. Daring Greatly allows one to think about the issues of shame and insecurity we carry with us. When one can accept themselves warts and all it is so relieving. 

Daniel  Siegel 

Another wonderful author is Daniel Siegel MD. a Interpersonal neurobiology  researcher. He has done ground breaking work in helping us to understand the way the brain changes in relationships including Parent-Child Relationships as well as the work done in psychotherapy between the therapist and client. The three core parts of Interpersonal Neurobiology include the mind, the brain and relationships. Daniel  Siegel's Books are fascinating. His research brings science to the relational theories of psychodynamic theory. He has books for parents, adults and people of all ages who want to grow and develop secure foundations I cannot recommend these books enough!

Before taking a look at Daniel Siegel's Book, he has such a way of clearly, intently explaining the most complex of ideas. The need stuck me to put up one of his you tube videos so you can truly get an idea of this masterful man.

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These are just a few of  Daniel Siegel's books.  The discuss the neurobiology of secure attachment which severs people throughout their lives to have healthy relationships as well as how parents can raise emotionally healthy children

David Schnarch, Ph.D

David Schnarch is an author that writes about couple relationships. His books have influenced the way I have thought about relationships. One of the most enlightening concepts that has helped me in my own relationship and has been instrumental in the development of my style of couple therapy has been in relationships we don't want to be abandoned yet we don't want to lose ourselves. Just this one concept has helped people to have more harmonious relationships.

Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg is the author of the highly regarded book Lean In. She is currently the CEO of Facebook and has held many high level positions in some of the most powerful companies in today's world.

After the trauma of losing her husband she was very concerned about how her children would move on and live fulfilling lives. She and her friend Adam Grant wrote Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy. This is a very inspirational book written in a genuine honest manner that take the reader through her difficult journey.

It has received raving reviews from Amazon customers who have rated with 5 stars. It has been extremely helpful to  people dealing with difficult losses.

Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy