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Workshops & Webinars, & Groups

We have a number of workshops that may be of interest. If there is enough interest in certain workshops we will make it into a weekly group. 

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Join Us
When: Tuesdays-6:30-9:30
Where: 11712 Moorpark St. #205B
Studio City CA. 91604
Cost of Group 20-40- Insurance can be taken
Please Call 818-425-9925 for a free consultation

Current Meet up Group 

The Studio City Artist Group Meet Up

Please Joint Us Weekly for the Studio City Artist Group beginning Jan 15th 2015 ongoing weekly.  This is our next meetup.

Artist Group Therapy.

For those who are interested, a therapy group for artist will also be available. This group will be for artist who want to go deeper within themselves to increase the depth of the art. Also the group will examine deeply issues that obstruct artist from going forward in their passions.

Individual Therapy for Artists

For those who would prefer individual therapy explore their inner world related to their art   I welcome artists who would prefer individual sessions. 

Workshops and Webinars 

Workshops are hopeful  for the participant. They are usually a subject of interest of the participant. Workshops often involve participation of the attendees. There can be creative exercises to learn some new skills. Workshops are usually a limited amount of time such as a day or weekend. Participants can gain information that is helpful to them. The workshop or webinar can plant the seeds of change or information that is exciting to the participant.


Group therapy can initially be intimidating, however, when people make an effort to experience group, they find it a powerful modality for change. 

One of the benefits of groups is the recognition that others struggle with similar issues. This can be very relieving and validating.

Moreover, a group has about 8-10 people in it and the experiences of other people with the facilitation of the therapist can make for a powerful modality for change.

Group therapy can also operate as a laboratory of the outside world. If members disagree or have a problem, it can be worked out between people facilitated by the therapist. This can help when similar contact occurs within the outside world. People who have dealt with this type of conflict in a safe setting can better cope with conflict in their daily lives

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