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Book Recomendations

Below are Some of my Favorite and Most Useful Books

Berne  Brown

One of my favorite authors is Brene Brown. She is a shame,vulnerability and empathy researcher. I have found her books to be helpful for those people who feel they need to perform every task perfectly. Especially for people who beat themselves up if a mistake is made. Brene Brown helps us to remember that we are human. We will never be perfect and we learn from our imperfections. She has written three books which are inspiring. The first book she wrote is The Gift of Imperfection. It is so inspiring to take risks just to be genuinely yourself. 

Daring Greatly is both on the New York Times Best Seller List as well as a Best Seller on Amazon. In this book brown shares her own experiences allowing herself to become vulnerable. A crucial point is that she discusses the courage it takes in oneself to become open about mistakes, fears, and insecurities. Her writing is very engaging and her readers have called this book life changing.This is a Book Ms. Brown has written from her soul and invited others to see life thorough her eyes. Daring Greatly allows one to think about the issues of shame and insecurity we carry with us. When one can accept themselves warts and all it is so relieving. 

Daniel  Siegel 

Another wonderful author is Daniel Siegel MD. a Interpersonal neurobiology  researcher. He has done ground breaking work in helping us to understand the way the brain changes in relationships including Parent-Child Relationships as well as the work done in psychotherapy between the therapist and client